Picking up the pieces

I was watching the news again today. What struck me most about the latest on the tsunami were the individuals desperately searching for their loved ones through bloated bodies of the unfortunuates who didn’t survive Sunday’s tragedy. The survivors had kerchiefs over their mouth because of the disease and stench coming from the dead. One young man had been searching through bodies like these for three days to find his sister. I wish I could offer them the hope of resurrection Sunday and say, “Why do you seek the living among the dead?” But I don’t know if their loved ones are alive….I can’t offer them that hope.

Other people are sitting on the broken rubble of their home or businesses and they look like cannot even figure out where to start. As they survey the damage, all they see is brokenness. Thousands of miles away, I feel the same way. Sometimes I feel like life hit my like a tsunami in October when I had my nervous breakdown. Now I’m still picking up the broken pieces and trying to figure out where they go. There are others who are wandering around the streets looking blankly at their surroundings.

I know the feeling, but not the physical devestation these people have experienced. They’ll pick up the pieces and so will I.

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