Thoughts on Tsunamis and other tragedy

I spent a lot of time inside my head today thinking about life…and death. I’ve been pulling things up from my old blog, and putting thoughts on here so my blog looks more crowded, but all the while it’s been a mere distraction from what lies deeper.

The death count stands at 52,000 as of now. Some people are considering this to be the worst tragedy in recordbale history. I’ve read stories of tragedy…mothers whose babies were swept from their arms, a young Australlia rugby player drowned on his honeymoon while his new bride is left to pick up the pieces of her shattered life, and the millions of survivors screaming, “Why not me?” as they survey the strew rubble of civilization around them. Words fall short in times like these.

Like many others, I want to do something…anything. I’ll send my money as limited as it is. I’ll pray and I’ll do whatever I can. But I am helpless, and can only turn to God with tears in my eyes. Why, God is a question we all ask. We asked it on Sept. 11, 2001. We ask it now as we watch the tragedy in Asia unfold on our screen. We ask it when we hear terrible stories of job loss, friends dealing with family difficulties, teenagers who run away from home, and hearts that are broken. I turn to God in these times, and I realized something recently….He is weeping, too.

A lot of times we get angry at God for not preventing this tragedy, especially in natural disasters. We shake our puny fists at heaven, and fail to realize we could never understand if God sat us down and explained it. We simply do not know and that has to be okay. But one thing we forget is that God also weeps in these tragedies. He does care, and He is near. As a God of compassion, He cries with us. Let us draw near God in through our tears and realize that when we weep, He does, too.

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